Monday, February 18, 2013

On A Photo Of A One Handed Catch By Din Connors

An old framed photograph in John Joe Daly's kitchen in Inchaleigh hanging on the wall
Holds a memory for me for as long as i live from the past that i will recall
From the  1945 All Ireland senior football final Cork v Cavan one to top them all
Of Din Connors of Cork and Millstreet with a one handed catch of the gaelic football

Din Connors then was in his physical prime a fellow full of life's youthful elan
By all accounts a great gaelic footballer a very humble and yet a mighty man
The  first Millstreet player to win an All Ireland senior gaelic football medal he was one of Cork and Ireland's best
And one who was never found to be wanting the man who proved himself in every test

I never did have the honour of watching the great man in action a gentleman on and off of the field of play
But the mental image of the photo of his marvellous one handed catch is living in my memory today
He was one of the star players of Duhallow a hero of a great Cork Gaelic Football win
In his prime few gaelic footballers in Ireland could hope  to match it with the mighty Din

From his Hometown by old  Clara in Duhallow thousands of sky miles by plane  away
From Millstreet where he  was born and raised in Din Connors last remains in Boston lay
An old photo of his one  handed catch of the football on the late John Joe Daly's kitchen wall
 Until i die will live on in my memory for me it is  the one that tops them all.

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