Friday, February 22, 2013

Rabbits Rights

It is true human rights should be for everyone
But as for rabbits rights there has never been none
Between myxomatosis and clavixal virus and  being poisoned, snared and shot
At the hands of human beings they have suffered a lot

Rabbits are timid cratures they are not known for  to bite
But they multiply quickly and have a huge appetite
On the farmer's cows and sheep they eat most of the grass
So the farmer to kill them their burrows does gas

Rabbits must be the creatures of the lesser gods
And yet they survive against all of the odds
Humans cannot make them extinct though hard they do try
Since  their anti extinction antidote is they are quick to multiply

Human rights  should be for everyone of every race
But sadly in the  Human World of today this is not the case
But as for rabbits there has never been rights or never will be
This does seem all wrong would  you not agree?

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