Monday, February 25, 2013

That Apart From Yourself

That apart from yourself your children and your  wife
Are the very most important things of  your life
Is quite understandable as most would agree
Since most people  think this way of family

But since of yourself and your family you can only talk about
Of the depth of your knowledge one must cast some doubt
One might have thought by now that you should have known
That there is far more to life  than me and  my own

Everytime i do meet you without asking you do tell me
Of your son's great new job and your daughter's uni degree
As  if these things you never told me of before
Though i must have heard them from you fifty times maybe more

Since there is more to life than self and family
Your depth of knowledge does seem limited to me
But one thing for certain of you it does seem
You never will suffer of low self esteem.

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