Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Dad Is A Bully

The dad is a  bully and so is his son
Breeding begets breedng when all is  said and done
Thirty five years ago the dad was the schoolyard bully the son is today
And the schoolyard bully through life as a bully does stay
Why some are born to be  bullies ask some other than me
Since on human behavior i do not have a degree
Perhaps the bully gene through generations passed down
And  no shortage of bullies in any village, city or town
But the worst sort of bully is the one with political power
In fear of him millions in silence do cower
Too scared in public one word against him for to say
For such a brave act with their lives they might have to pay
Bullies do not grow wise they just grow old and gray
And the son of a former schoolyard bully is the schoolyard bully today.

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