Sunday, February 24, 2013

To Her I Will Return

The Land  i was born and raised in from here far away
But perhaps in this far southern Country my last remains will lay
And  whether i am buried or cremated it will not matter to me
The deceased past all feelings and of all cares are free

I never fought for any Country or any National flag ever did wave
And the last post will never be played at my grave
And it sure will not matter to me the  least then
If i am one of the millions of forgotten men

From the place i was  born and raised in i live many a sky mile
And i did feel nostalgic for there for awhile
But in this warm souhern Country i am ageing and gray
Though here i feel content and happy to stay

Till the Reaper claims the life's breath from me
In the not distant future whenever that be
And whether i am buried entire or cremated my ashes in an urn
I belong to Nature and to her i will return.

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