Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Is Only Our Due

They thank those who vote them into office on election day
On from some of  the promises they made to them by backing away
By trusting the words of some politicians in disappointment you will pay
Some of them are not known to stand by what they say
Not all politicians are lacking in trust
Some of them do seem quite honorable and  just
Yet the  dishonorable amongst them for sake of party loyalty they tolerate
They taint themselves when sticking by a  crooked mate
Many of them with ambiguous words do like to play
And tell you that you misunderstood what to you they did say
That their promises to you not broken your  trust they did not betray
They even have you believe all with them is okay
There is an old saying i believe to be true
That we receive from life what is  only our due.

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