Saturday, March 30, 2013

Alby Clarke

The human will power it cannot be denied
A lesser man than Alby Clarke would have died
But in his mid life he took up long distant running and brought the kilos down
And now he is known and famous far from Warrnambool Town
The story of Alby is a great one to tell
An overweight diabetic he was not feeling well
But he took up running and miles of roadway he has ran
What can one  say of him but he's a remarkable man
With chocolate skin and long gray hair in his late seventies and light on his feet
One who is often seen jogging on Koroit Street
An ultra marathon runner in him so much to admire
Of singing his praises one never could tire
The odds stacked against him but he did succeed
Of more people like Alby the Human World is in need.

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