Saturday, March 30, 2013

By Gift Of Chance Alone

Everyone cannot be wealthy and famous we can only live as our best and nothing more
Circumstance of birth on your life can have a bearing something often written of and said before
The homeless youth of drug addicted parents is one in life who is  condemned to fail
It is quite hard for you to be successful if those who gave  you the gift of life are locked in jail
The  millions of children of the refugee camps and the  ghettos by birth circumstance of a fair go in life denied
It is very hard for one to be successful if lady luck is never on your side
Our gift of life for us becomes a journey and we meet friends and  foes along the way
Till the Reaper of Lives does make everyone equal since for all of us a final night and day
The monarch and the president can only become equal to the poorest of the poor side of the town
The Reaper who does not spare the lives of the celebrated only makes them equal to the one financially down
You can only live to live the best you can be not everyone is born to wear the crown
The journey for the poor child of the ghetto will never be  a journey to renown
By gift of chance alone we have been born and the  fact is everyone is born to die
And the fact is  death makes the billionaire and the pauper as equal and fact of course is never known to lie.

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