Saturday, March 23, 2013

Campbell The Swaggie

Australia's best known swagman with lots of head and facial gray hair
Which does help to protect him from the sun and wind from his life in the open air
He is known as Campbell The Swaggie one  who has walked many a mile
One who always does seem happy it is never hard for him to smile

At music festivals in south east Australia one who is widely known
As a  character in his  own right his legend it has  grown
He recites ballads and poetry and he does  dance and sing
Yet of life and the World he  never asks of a thing

Of his travels in Australia one with heaps of stories for to tell
Yet for one who lives the hard life he does look rather well
Far from a well dressed person though he looks distinguished just the same
Amongst Australia's swagmen his  is a legendary name

One of the last of a dying breed his type of person rare
One who has many poems and stories with others for to share
When Campbell is in the mood to entertain it is  not for fame or pay
He just spreads the gift of happiness in his own kindly way.

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