Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charlie O Sullivan

Charlie O Sullivan was born and raised in Kilcorney he and his  wife Anna and their children for many years lived in Millstreet
I remember him as a nice and gentle person he always was a pleasure for to meet
For many years the O Sullivan family have lived near Midleton in east Cork from Duhallow in distance not that far
In the twenty first century by road not a  long journey perhaps an hour and not much more by car

It must have been thirty years since i last met Charlie and thirty years in time is quite a span
So calm and relaxed one never in a hurry there was so much to like about the man
His leaving Millstreet a regret to all who knew  him but to grow old elsewhere his life's destiny
It is so sad to learn of his passing he will be sadly missed by his many friends and his family

In a Human World where material success is seen as the in thing people like Charlie are becoming rare
He was indeed a very selfless person for others he always had the time to spare
He had an aura of calmness about him and to his  higher self he was one who was  true
If you were in need of helping he would have been one to help you and that is  for to give the man his due

Since Charlie and Anna and their family the Killarney road took leave of so many weeks and months in time have gone
By those who knew him in Millstreet well remembered where today good memories of him do live on
This life we live for all of us a journey and for all of us a final night and day
And  Charlie O Sullivan of himself left us with good memories by good example he did lead the way.

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