Saturday, March 30, 2013

For South West Victoria

For south west Victoria the warmest March thus far on record
This is what those who does keep the weather records say
Today in the low twenties nice and sunny and breezy
But tomrrow is supposed to be in the low thirties for Autumn that is quite a warm day

The silver bill magpies singing in the backyard
The birds who sing every day of the year
Amongst the world's finest feathered songsters
Their flute like notes are pleasant for to hear

The weather temperatures for March this year are quite high
Above the average for time of year by at least five degrees
Around the flowering ivy on the tree trunks
The buzzings of the nectar gathering bees

The magpie larks are singing in the park-land
Quite distinctive in their familiar song pee wee
And the all white long bill corellas are calling
On the high branches of a sunlit tree

For March the weather it is very warm
Well above average temperatures for the time of year
The white back magpies in the backyard singing
Their flute like notes so melodious and clear.

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