Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I May Never Again

I may never again see Hibernia's shore
Or climb on the high fields of green Claramore
Or hear the brown lark sing as upwards he fly
Above Clara Mountain a musical speck in the  sky
The Athenian loves Athens the Roman loves Rome
And i love Claraghatlea it was my first home
But the  old fields i loved i may not see again
And only the memories of what was with me now remain
Of Millstreet in Duhallow in sky miles far away
From Koroit in south west Victoria where i live today
Yet in fancy i can hear the male robin sing
For to proclaim his nesting borders in the early Spring
And  Nature's flowers in their billions in the fields to be seen
And the bluebells are in bloom on the ditch of bohreen.

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