Wednesday, March 20, 2013

She Died Near The Highway

She died near the highway three miles from Camperdown
The beautiful young woman in her mid twenties with dark hair and eyes of brown
Her front right tyre received a blowout and her car swerved and hit a tree
Death for her instantenous things in life can happen suddenly

An only child her parents grieve her passing in Kabul in Afghanistan
She fled the homeland  as a refugee from the treacherous Taliban
She had the courage to oppose them her's was not a silent voice
But in fear of losing her life she fled her homeland she did not have any choice

For one  to want a safer and a better life should never be a  crime
She  spent two years in Woomera Detention Centre in such a place quite a long time
Just when life for her was getting better she died by a highway
In the twilight of the evening of a sultry Summer's day

Her courage was the reason she became a refugee
From a death threat from The Taliban Afghanistan she had to flee
She never had the chance to mother children never was anyone's wife
She deserved a better ending to her sad and tragic life.

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