Monday, March 25, 2013

Where Silence Is Enforced

I have opposed all sorts of injustices over a period of time
But only in words and so few read my rhyme
Serious crimes against humanity in some Countries Worldwide
Where of basic human rights people are denied

Where in fear of imprisonment or torture or worse people too scared to speak out
Silence can often be the best option when fear is about
The one brave enough to speak out is imprisoned and tortured or murdered or is forced to flee
For to live the life of a Stateless refugee

The people by fear stripped of all personal power
Under their despotic leaders in silence do cower
Too scared of their ruthless regimes in public truthful words for to say
This is how they must live till their lives final day

Of the rights of justice  for all in my rhymes i do sing
An injustice of any sort is such a vile thing
Of crimes against humanity by despotic regimes against their people we read of and hear
Where silence is enforced by the medium of fear.

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