Monday, March 25, 2013

Words Of A Wise One

A wise one  than most people wiser by far
Once said you are not the person even your friends think you are
Or not the person yourself think you are but the person you happen to be
Though such thinking would not be popular with the  majority would you not agree
And since of ego in death we will only be free
The words of the wise one does make sense to me
A false image of self most of us do hide behind
They are a dwindling minority the self effacing kind
When i look in my mirror the bloke there i do see
Is just a false image of the one known as me
When i think i am humble to myself i do lie
As a stranger to myself i will live till i die
You are who you really are to me that seems right
Wise words from a  person blessed with the gift of insight.

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