Monday, March 25, 2013

Yesterday Was A Scorcher

Yesterday a record warm Autumn day for south western Victoria over forty degrees
Of warm sunshine and  humidity and an extremely warm breeze
Today it is twenty degrees for March a pleasant day
This does seem like Climate Change to me anyway
Since  the rapidly changing weather temperatures does seem rather strange
This all has to do it does seem with Climate Change
Yet dirty factory chimneys puffing black smoke to the sky
No lessons  learned from rapidly changing weather patterns one must wonder why
But us humans to learn from our past mistakes as ever seem quite slow
Though the threat on our existence to us by Nature on our abuse of her Planet everyday does grow
In eathhquakes, tsunamis, storms and fire and flood
Her justified anger to us at our environmental practices by us seem misunderstood
Yesterday was a scorcher today is nice and cool
In towns of the Moyne Shire and the City of Warrnambool.

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