Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Honorable Man

On the last time i was in Hawkesdale the sun was going down
In a pale red towards the west of the old country Town
An old man out walking the years had left stooped and gray
Stopped for a brief chat and to wish me good day
He told me he was born and raised in Hawkesdale and lived there all of his life
And in Hawkesdale raised his children with his recently deceased wife
A few times a week he does visit the grave site where she lay
To place flowers and for her soul kneel for to pray
As he spoke of her he choked back the tears
He said we wre married for fifty four years
And i do miss her more than words can say
Our saddest memories can be of happy times life can be this way
He bid me good evening and shuffled down the street
The honorable and devoted man in Hawkesdale at sunset i did meet.

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