Friday, May 31, 2013

At The Ambassador Hotel

It has been forty five years since the great man fell
Under a hail of gunfire at the Ambassador Hotel
In a black day for California and the U S of A
For centuries of post bodily death fame the price can be huge to pay

Though an assassin by decades shortened his life span
Robert Francis Kennedy he was a great man
The great hope of America taken in a foul way
That he deserved better than this seems a fair thing to say

The news of his shooting and subsequent death was broadcast Worldwide
A sad day for America the day that he died
He seemed destined to be President but it was not meant to be
To fall under gunfire at the Ambassador Hotel became his destiny

The only politician i ever heard to quote
The wisdom of the Greek philosophers and the words of many a great poet
He had knowledge and wisdom  a combination to make one great
And his life was a life worthy to celebrate

One cannot change the past it has been and gone
And life in the World as usual goes on
But in centuries from now the father to his children will tell
The life story of the great man who was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel.

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