Monday, May 20, 2013

Doug Williams

A loving husband to his wife Molly and a good dad to his children and to many he was a good friend
For Doug Williams in his ninety second year his life's journey came to an end
A hard working likeable fellow in Altona his last remains lay
Like Doug all of us born as mortals and for all there's a last night and day
For seventy years married to Molly she was the great love of his life
Doug he was faithful to Molly and to him she was a good wife
Of life he had many great stories one who was compassionate and kind
Men like Doug Williams are a rare breed for to help others always inclined
His family and friends they will miss him though for awhile he had not been well
He fought for his life till the finish till to the scythe of the reaper he fell
One known to and well liked by many the life from Doug Williams may be gone
But he was one of the unforgettable and good memories of him will live on
In his family and the many in life he befriended though from life his was not a painless release
The World better for him living in it and may his remains rest in peace.

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