Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gray Haired Johnny

The old bloke in his early eighties gray haired Johnny he hails from where the Tarwin waters flow
Through that old flat countryside of South Gippsland the home of gray roo and the pale eyed crow
He never had a wife but he had a long term partner and she passed on a couple of years ago
On Saturday night he has a few beers at the local content in himself at least he seems so
In his younger years he used to be a shearer he shore in many an outback shearing shed
One of the last of the great old time shearers most of the shearers who shore with him are long dead
He left the countryside around the Tarwin when he was young he had only turned nineteen
One who traveled  far and worked hard for a living so many miles of countryside he has seen
In his younger years he enjoyed beer and the company of women he drank in pubs in many a country town
But back then he was fit, strong young and healthy the silver hair on his balding head was then dark brown
He does believe that he did not father children though he did have a few women in his life
And Jo his deceased partner who loved him and grew old with him he always refers to her as his wife
He is a nice old fellow gray haired Johnny in his early eighties he enjoys a beer
One who loves life he wants to go on living and he remains partial to his pot of cheer.

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