Monday, May 13, 2013

He Was Supposedly Happy

He was supposedly happy in his married life
But he is one who did not stay with his wife
He is with one young enough to be his daughter today
One would have thought that a happily married man with his wife would stay?

The one he is with is thirty five dark hair and eyes of brown
One who is not or never was the great beauty of town
The single mum of an eight years old boy
The love and company of a fatherly figure she does enjoy

Before she met him she thought all men were bad
But since falling in love with the five times a grand-dad
Her thoughts on the male kind have changed it does seem
Since she is with one she does hold in high esteem

In his early sixties many years past his prime
Like all others one left walking slower by time
One who was happily married at least supposedly so
Before he left his wife for a younger woman about two years ago.

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