Monday, May 20, 2013

I Am What Is Known As

I am what is known as your average rhymer not what most do refer to as a poet
Yet i am one who does care about others does this not make me as one worthy of note?
I am one of many who can feel for others to others respect i do pay
And though many do look up to materially successful people yet success in itself relative anyway

I am not seen as a successful person one without achievements for to brag about
Born to rhyme just your average rhymer and even my worth as such i have reason to doubt
Yet i am happy when i am rhyming and rhymes every day do keep coming to me
Everywhere i look there is beauty around me i only rhyme of the beauty i see

Those who admire the mining tycoon billionaires in large numbers does seem to abound
But to our Earth Mother they are abusive when they dig for her resources in the ground
The praises of the materially wealthy the impressionable may be happy to sing
But the one who is successful to one may not be to another as success is a relative thing

As a young man like many i daydreamed of being wealthy and famous but daydreams do seldom come true
And life as is said has a habit of giving you what is your due
And the fact is i am one of the World's millions of rhymers and fact as we know never lie
But penning rhyme i find enjoyable and i hope to be doing it till i die.

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