Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In His Daydreams

In his daydreams he used to daydream of wealth and renown
The working class man of the ordinary town
Now in his mid thirties and past his life's prime
And also a few years past daydreaming time

With a wife and two young sons and a daughter he works hard for his pay
He leaves home at dawn for work every day
No longer to daydream of being a millionaire
Of life's hard reality he is now more aware

So many young people who daydream of wealth and fame
Who wish for to become a legendary name
But few get from life what for years they pursue
And that daydreams are just that happens to be true

In the ordinary town of high unemployment the wealthy and famous are rare
And where many young people live on poverty line welfare
Many of the young there have daydreams of becoming great
But daydreams on them do have a use by date.

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