Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Life Everyone Are Not Winners

In life everyone are not winners many must lose for one to win
Though some will tell you to try your best and come out losing should never be seen as a sin
But such words to you of little consolation when your dreams in life do not come true
Most people do feel quite deflated when they fail to achieve the goals in life they do pursue
It does seem that most humans for success with each other have been born for to compete
And what is known as a graceful loser is one you will not often meet
In a World of billions of people the many in extreme poverty
Are classified by the more judge-mental as life's big losers but with such thinking i do not agree
You will only know who your friends are when you are financially and mentally down
Few stories have ever been written about the poor battlers of the town
So many t v shows on people who in life have achieved something great
It is only those seen as winners that the majority wish to celebrate
In life everyone cannot be a winner losers are many and winners are few
You may say to this you are not telling anything to us that is new.

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