Thursday, May 2, 2013

It Is A Nice Enough Day

It is a nice enough day for mid Autumn with sunshine on the bushes and the trees
And pied currawong the dark crow sized birds are calling their voices carrying in the southerly breeze
That blow uphill across the wooded hillside for April it is such a pleasant day
Quite soon the welcome swallows will be flying north to Winter in the tropics from here far away
It is a nice day to be out in Nature to feel the warm sunshine on your face
Away from the town streets and the noisy traffic with Nature in a quiet rural place
The constant noise of traffic is not pleasant at times we all do need some peace of mind
In a quiet rural place the home of Nature peace for the soul is always there to find
In a place like this i could live and feel happy far from the noise where many people are
The songs or the chirps of birds are far more pleasant than the invasive noise of a passing truck or car
In a World where there are billions of people who with each other for success compete
For peace of mind one needs to be with Nature away from the loud traffic of the street
I'd much prefer the calls or songs of birds by the wooded hillside in the place of dappled trees of green and brown
Than be where human buildings are abundant in the noise polluted streets of the big town.

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