Friday, May 3, 2013

Memories Of Rooks

Rooks are a gregarious species of crow
Of their ways a little i did know
As a younger man before time became my foe
When i lived in Ireland many years ago

Keeping them from pulling the turnip seedlings as a boy
Was something that i never did enjoy
In the turnip field wire-worm did abound
And they pulled the young turnip plants to get a tasty meal in the soft ground

But to farmers rooks were quite good friends in many a way
Since they kept slugs harmful to crops and wire-worm at bay
And they made up for it in other ways for the damage to crops they done
And as crop pest controllers some respect they won

Known as cawing birds they did not have a song to sing
They built their nests of sticks on tall trees in the Spring
I often see a dozen or more nests on one tree
They always lived in flocks as one huge family

It has been twenty six years since rooks i did see
But memories of them will live and die with me
My job of scaring them from the turnip field as a young boy
Was something that i never did enjoy.

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