Thursday, May 9, 2013

Most Company Directors

Most company directors can be rather ruthless since they have the power to hire and fire
Most of their type did not get to the top by being nice people though many them seem to admire
Employees they are not making a huge profit on to them expendable without hesitation their employment they terminate
Yet they are seen to be successful and many does laud them as great
The most successful people in business are not known for compassion and seem to lack in empathy
For people struggling to make ends meet they never show much sympathy
Their sort are in some way responsible for the gap in the social divide
And the fact is such a gap keeps on widening and the truth in fact cannot be denied
When i say most company directors are not philanthropists i am not saying anything that is new
But amongst them some generous people and having said that only just a few
Who treat their employees  with respect and to sack anyone without a very good reason to not known
And employees known to work harder for their bosses when respect to them it is shown
Most company directors are greedy as well as sadly lacking in ruth
They did not become billionaires by being nice people and of them this is only the truth.

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