Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Myself For To Blame

When i was much younger with a full head of hair
I used to think life to me was not very fair
But of late i have come to realize and now firmly believe
Is that what we put into life in return we receive
Yes we receive from life what is only our due
And this only does happen for to be true
And no point in complaining that by life you are hard done by
That success has not come to you though for it you did not try
In nineteen seventy three at the age of twenty seven i penned my first rhyme
And that is going back some four decades in time
That i have not become a wealthy and famous writer is as obvious as obvious can be
That i just do not make the grade now seems obvious to me
And for my lack of money and success and fame
The only one i have is myself for to blame.

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