Saturday, May 18, 2013

On Grey Teal

Far in from the lake shore grey teal in large numbers congregate
Perhaps remembering that some of their members have met with a cruel fate
By the guns of the shooters shot out of the sky
The main reason of all humans they feel scared and shy
Though duck shooting Season is over until next year
Embedded in their memories the guns of the shooters they hear
They always feel nervous when humans to them are near
And they do have good reason human kind to fear
Duck shooting Season  may be over but the fear of being shot at with the grey teal does remain
And the sight of a human bring back the bad memories to them again
I do not have a gun but they keep safe distance from me
In every human being one to fear they do see
From the guns of humans a safe distance away
Far in from the lake shore they feel happy to stay.

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