Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On Self Important People

I cannot say i like self important people they think they are a gift to humanity
Their arrogance i do feel quite off putting love of self gone wrong or so it seems to me
A certain amount of self love for anyone is necessary but for some into narcissism it does grow
And narcissistic people do live for self only and they are never nice people to know

Self important people feel superior to others and to self they only can relate
They want to be the center of attention human society such people does create
But humanity has all forms of personalities from the self promotional to the publicity shy
And why some do feel superior to all others is something one can only wonder why

The Human World is not short of self important people they are in every village, city and town
At parties if they are not the center of attention they feel quite disappointed and let down
Their view of the World is not a broad one with them it is only me, myself and i
And as they grow older they become more self centered and this is how they will be till they die

One does grow tired of self important people i meet a few of their sort every day
If they did not have the self to talk of they would feel short of anything to say
Believe me everyone does need some self love but with some into narcissism it does grow
Such people are not hard to grow tired of and not the nicest people for to know.

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