Thursday, May 16, 2013


The orangutans of Borneo's rainforests are under threat
Of extinction in the wild since logging for wild born orangutans can mean certain death
Such beautiful creatures due to loss of  habitat of human help are in need
Just for their very survival and this does seem sad indeed
To think that us humans are responsible for the destruction of natural habitat Worldwide
Every day hundreds of acres of rainforest in Indonesia destroyed
The home of the orangutans for human financial gain
Why we are the way we are beyond me to explain
That such beautiful creatures  as orangutans in their home-places becoming rare
This World is for us to live in and with other life forms space for to share
Every day in the rainforests thousands of old growth trees are cut down
For to furnish new homes for the wealthy in the far away big town
And the beautiful wild-born orangutans in dwindling numbers losing out to human greed
The very thought of this is a very sad thought indeed.

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