Friday, May 10, 2013

Paddy McCarthy

Since Paddy McCarthy lived more than ninety years in time has gone
But in Duhallow today the legend living on
Of the man that the British crown forces did gun down
At Millview Lane in famous Millstreet Town

From Freemount born in Rowels Meelin from where he died not far away
As a brave young man his legend in Duhallow lives today
For fame the price it can be huge to pay
And the good die young as some are known to say

One who was taken in the prime of life
And he died without children or a wife
How we live and die is our life's destiny
Though not everyone with such a statement would agree

Of Ireland he was surely a true friend
But for him it must have been a painful end
Few war heroes are destined to grow old
He gave his life for love of the green and white and gold

Though most men like him go to an early grave
There can be doubt that he was truly brave
In Millstreet Town beneath a darkened sky
At Millview Lane the bullets to and fro did fly

It is out of death that war heroes are made
And though at their graves The Last Post often played
The bugle the dead heroes do not hear
For to grow old one needs the gift of fear

From such a sacrifice a minority stood to gain
And why this should be seems beyond me to explain
His blood washed down the sidewalks in the rain
The noble man who died at Millview Lane

But all of this did happen many years ago
And the enemy then nowadays is not the foe
Paddy McCarthy's praises by the patriots sung
Perhaps it might be true that the good die young.

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