Monday, May 13, 2013

People Are Strange

Of years of life she has lived more than four score
The Queen of Australia her home is on a distant shore
In England where she lives she first saw light of day
And in London her last remains destined to lay

The Royalists of Australia to their British Monarch bow
And the people of India have their Sacred Cow
And billions of people believe that God lives in the sky
And to otherwise convince them why waste your time to try

But what to me does seem the oddest of the odd
Is that Rastafarians believe that Haile Selassie Is God
In his lifetime as Emperor of Ethipia one of the wealthiest people Worldwide
At a time when thousands of people in Ethiopia of starvation died

Around the World weeping and moving statues of religious icons people claim to see
Though such things have never been witnessed by me
One wonders what of me does this mean or say
Am i unworthy of witnessing miracles to me it does seem this way

People tell me in their minds their past lives they have seen
Of their past lives families and friends and places they have lived in and to have been
Their stories i may doubt though not for me to say they are wrong
Your thoughts others cannot read and to you alone belong

People have traveled in space and walked on the Moon
And a holiday destination for wealthy people may be Mars sometime soon
And people are strange as strange as can be
And one of the strangest would have to be me.

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