Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some People

Some people live all of their lives where they first looked on the light of day
Whilst others travel to far off Lands and towns and cities far away
To appease the lust of wander that is born in the mind
The people who yearn for places new to travel are inclined
In cities far from their first home-town many marry, raise their children and stay
Until The Reaper on their lives does have the final say
Yet i envy the stay at home kind content in their first home-place
Where most people are known to them and theirs is a familiar face
All of the friends of my younger years are living far from me
And most of them i realize i never more will see
Some of them live in distant towns and some in the first home place does stay
And some of them are now deceased and at peace forever lay
Yet i envy those in their first home-place who never yearn for places elsewhere
They feel no desire to travel in the bigger World out there.

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