Thursday, May 23, 2013


Some are born as sports people to be good at things such as football
And some destined to be soldiers their names on wall memorial wall
Whilst some do become celebrities and their praises many do sing
But celebrities or not celebrities everyone is good at something

Some are born to be outlaws this is their life's destiny
And others till death destined to live in extreme poverty
And others do become criminals since they are this way inclined
Yes the variable human family is made up of every kind

Some are born to be writers or artists some like to pen doggerel
And some become politicians and at lying do rather well
And some become prostitutes and gigolos answering their destiny call
And everyone is good at something and everyone it does mean all

A few are born to become their Country's President and a few born to become a billionaire
Though eventually they die like all others and everyone breathes the same air
And the eldest child of the monarch becomes the monarch eventually
Yes the rare few are born to be lucky and how very lucky can one be

Everyone is born for some reason that is what the wise one did say
As for me i am your average rhymer with rhyme words i do like to play
And the millions of people with unwritten life stories of life do have stories to tell
But death is the great equalizer and for all of us a farewell bell.

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