Monday, May 27, 2013

Someone Will Remember You

You may not be one of the famous or in money be worth a million or two
But you will be remembered by someone yes someone will remember you
Someone will say to his or her friends he or she was caring and kind
Such a compassionate person better would be hard to find

Someone will say he or she was a nice person and hopefully now is at peace
One who did not deserve  for to suffer hope from life one who did have a painless release
Always willing to help others often came to the aid of one feeling down
One who deserves to be remembered a credit to our side of the town

One not born to be a celebrity or a winner of Olympic Gold
Yet in mind quite a good person one whose story deserves to be told
As one who deserves to be remembered for the kindness to others you have shown
Strange to think those who only seek self glory seem to be admired and far better known

Than those who care about others such is life one must suppose
One who has been kind to many may not have admirers or foes
But you will be remembered by someone for the good things you did do
You will not be entirely forgotten someone will remember you.

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