Saturday, May 11, 2013

That They Are Quite Special

That they are quite special some children by their well to do parents are told
But in any one Olympic event only one can win the Gold
And in all things in life many losers for every winner as some like to say
That is how it always has been and it will always be this way

And children quite naive and innocent and their egos not hard to inflate
Believe it when their parents tell them they are great
But in their early teens for them an unpleasant surprise
When they are not as special as their parents tell them they are they come to realize

And the parents disappointed when they realize that their children are not extraordinary
That they are not as great as they thought they might be
They had not learned an old fact of life and old facts are not new
That winners are not many and losers are not few

When parents tell their children they are special and great them they do deceive
For children in their innocence all they do hear do believe
To be successful and famous and wealthy most people would choose
In a Human World where for a minority for to win the majority have to lose. 

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