Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Fact Is

The fact is we are born as mere mortals and fact never lie
But life is meant to be how well you live not how old you die
A long life lived for the self not a well lived life at all
Since those who live for self only in their ways are small
Those who to help others go out of their way
And perform a good deed or two or three every day
They may not be famous and known far and wide
But that they live as good people of them cannot be denied
Some of those who live for self only may be seen by many as great
And as famous celebrities their fans Worldwide them do celebrate
And thanks to their fans on success ladder they have climbed far
But their fans do not know them for the kind of people they are
It does not matter how famous you are or to how old you will live
What counts most you believe in to receive you must give.

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