Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Former Rose Of Penshurst

She was the Rose of Penshurst till time became her foe
And she left the Town by Mt Rouse a few decades ago
When the travel bug was in her for the bigger World out there
Like many had done before her she went to live elsewhere

With eyes as blue as a summer sky and wavy shoulder length hair of brown
A young woman of rare beauty the former Rose of Penshurst Town
She did not return to Penshurst from where she went to far away
Perhaps she would be a stranger to many in the Town by Mt Rouse today

Tall and slim and attractive Penshurst's Rose in her prime
But women lose some of their beauty with the passage of time
She is now in her mid fifties her physical best years in the past
Youthful female beauty loses out to time and for decades does not last

The former Rose of Penshurst where might she be today
Did she fall in love and have children or as single did she stay?
She left Penshurst in the early eighties never to return to there again
But memories of her beauty with those who knew her does remain.

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