Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Man Who Does Not Have A Hobby

Colin Corbett the one without a hobby though he has good and funny stories to tell
And he has a subtle sense of humor as a comedian he would do well
But such a career to him not appealing he will not give his chef job away
One of the many unheralded talents in the Human World of today

Janice and i joined Colin and his partner Lee Emmett for lunch in the Bowls Club in Warrnambool
He told us stories of his young years of his mum and dad and his days in primary school
Some of his stories quite funny he brought some laughter to our day
For an hour of good fun and laughter one does not always have to pay

For one who does not claim to have a hobby to him there's a humorous side
His gift is to provoke laughter that this is a talent cannot be denied
One who does not even try to be funny humor comes to him naturally
Without people who can provoke laughter in others how boring the Human World would be

The man who does not have a hobby his gift in life is to spread joy
He does tell hilarious stories going back to when he was a boy
He made us laugh without even trying to, humor with him is a subtle thing
People like him to social occasions the gift of laughter with them bring.

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