Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Rural Town's Wise Elders

As the rural town's wise elders themselves they do see
And on what matter most to them in life they usually do agree
This idea of multiculturalism they never could embrace
For change that people of other races bring in their town there is not a place
They do not welcome strangers of other cultures they like themselves as they are
And they feel proud their ancestors went to foreign shores to fight in a distant war
Their culture the best culture this is how they see it anyway
From living life they have not grown any wiser though their hair is flecked with gray
The fathers of teenagers showing the signs of middle age
Against any form of change at all in their words they do rage
On their views on life and people to those who listen they make known
They do not need other races and their cultures here they have cultures of their own
When they talk of a fair go it is not of a fair go for all
The self professed wise elders of the town in their thinking and opinions are so small.

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