Tuesday, May 7, 2013

They Do Feel Superior

They do feel superior with God on their side
And the flag of their Country they carry with pride
And to a superior Race they do feel they belong
If they feel so right then they cannot be wrong

On war memorial day the flags and banners fly
For God and for Country is their battle cry
As they honor the brave who for God, Flag and Country died
The conviction of arrogance cannot be denied

They believe that terrorists arrive as refugees on boats
And the politicians prey on their fears for their votes
They believe that compassionate politicians are warped in the mind
With their votes they only support their own kind

Yet despite their bravado they are shackled by fear
And any kind words of those different to them one never does hear
They have themselves convinced that it is them against they
In their own minds they cannot be wrong if they think in this way.

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