Sunday, May 19, 2013

This Is How It Seems To Be

We all look at things quite different quite different indeed
What is a flower to one person to another is a weed
You have your God in Heaven somewhere beyond the sky
Your right to your beliefs and opinions of you none should deny
The God that i believe in lives in the human mind
A God happy for to live in the compassionate and kind
This is what i believe in though on my thinking on this i may be wrong
The right thinking on religion to anyone does not belong
Perhaps if we all had similar beliefs and thought in the same way
There would be less wars and conflicts in the World of today
Religion, God and Borders are the things known to divide
And through the decades of time wars fought in most Countries Worldwide
Even those you have most things in common with on all things you will not agree
We all look at things quite different this is how it seems to be.

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