Friday, May 24, 2013

Without Our Gift Of Memory

You may think it is behind you in the forever gone
But wherever you will go to your past will follow on
The good and not so good times you often visit again
The memories will be with you as long as the gift of memory you retain
But you can only live in the now you cannot live in the past
And the future is ahead of you and time does tick on fast
But without your gift of memory much worse off you would be
The money billionaire with alzhiemers or dementia lives in the worst of poverty
The wonderful gift of memory is something of which we are in need
Without it we would be poorer so much poorer indeed
The losing of your gift of memory comes to you at a huge personal cost
For without the power to memorize one would be truly lost
Without our gift of memory how much worse off we would be
And this applies to everyone as well as you and me.

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