Thursday, May 30, 2013

Young Tim

It is not of fans or followers one of does read
But of the people who are born to lead
And young Tim does not lead or the praises of others does not sing
A carefree chap he just does his own thing

Though he enjoys a few beers in the local pub
One who is never seen at the football club
For he does not like sports including football
And such things do not interest him at all

One might say of him he has a mind of his own
And as a group type of person he will never be known
But a character in his own sort of a way
He is his own man as some of his sort like to say

A tall and handsome dark haired man of twenty three
Of any cares he does seem quite carefree
One who thoroughly enjoys doing his own thing
And he likes nothing better than the no strings attached sexual fling.

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