Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Man's World After All

Compared to the media coverage male celebrities receive female coverage seems small
And no doubt there is truth in the saying 'it is a man's World after all'
Even in the twenty first century so many Countries in the World where women are socially kept down
For women than men it is so much harder to achieve the status of renown
Serious crimes against women committed in the World every day
And that the  offenders are mostly males seems fair enough to say
In many Countries the fair go for woman kind never did or will never apply
That millions of women by men are sinned against one never ought  deny
Stories of brave male heroes we read and hear of every day
It is a man's World after all it sure does seem this way
So few women ever cited for acts of bravery
Though women for corporal works of mercy by far in majority
Yet women by many seen as inferior to men is how it does seem to me
Though many males i am sure with this would disagree.

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