Monday, September 23, 2013

Ella Caron

Some women in their  love lives cannot seem to win
They do not seem long married when marital troubles begin
Ella Caron is one who has had it with men
After her four brief marriages to Jim, Michael and Andy and Ben
From four husbands she raised six children five girls and a boy
She will tell you in her four marriages there were more tears than laughter and joy
The youngest of her children a daughter has just turned nineteen
And she is five times a grandmother her better days in life she has seen
With light brown hair dye she cloaks  her aging gray
She will turn fifty six on her next birthday
To four alcohol addicted wife beating husbands she was a good wife
She did not have much luck in love in her life
She says for as long as she does live as single she will remain
She has vowed that she will never marry again.

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