Saturday, September 7, 2013

For Early September

For early September in early Spring such a very warm day
And by the weather forecast for the rest of the week it will remain this way
A forecast high for the day of 25 degrees
And warmth in the sunshine and hardly any breeze
In forested areas people living in dread
Of bush fires in the  supposed to be warm Summer ahead
From the wet and warm for Winter weather much burnable fuel on the ground
And the  threat of  huge fires in such places abound
The weather patterns over a period of time seems unseasonably strange
No doubt we are in a time of Climate Change
For human created carbon emissions for this  humans must take some blame
Our abuse of our natural environment is  to all of our shame
A warm day for early September and more warm days ahead
And people in forested areas of bush fires are living in dread.

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