Monday, September 9, 2013

From Geelong To Warrnambool

The countryside from Geelong to Warrnambool has never been looking so green
Miles and miles of fenced and big paddocks with few enough trees to be seen
It has been a mild and wet Winter and plenty of grass for hoofed mammals this Spring
Rain and sunshine are our gifts from Nature and Nature's workings is an amazing thing
In a fertile part of Australia the finest of good farming Land
Where i have yet to see a grazing mammal hungry that should not be hard to understand
Just one  area of a very big Country for Australia is a vast Country indeed
But a very fertile region that millions of people does feed
Much of Australia is drought ravaged and barren i have been in areas bare and dry
But to south western Victoria the term of fertile does apply
The farmers of this part of Australia can find little cause to complain
No shortage of grass for their animals in paddocks lush and green after rain
But of farmers from many areas of Australia good stories of late we do not hear
From months of drought their animals hungry for them a  bad financial year.

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