Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Never Was

I never was any use as an athlete
Even in my best years far too slow on my feet
Without any success in a few races i did compete
As a  younger man on the  roads of Millstreet

I played the  team games of hurling and soccer and Gaelic football
But at any of them i was of no use at all
But to me now this hardly does matter that much anyway
Since the years have left me looking  older, bald, wrinkled and gray

I was born and raised by a  northern town
Where to be good at sports was your ticket to renown
And  though their record speaks  for them more than words can say
The top sports people of my younger years have known a better day

The champion sports people when in their life's prime
Eventually do become victims of time
And  though any sporting successes are not mine to recall
It hardly does matter to me now at all.

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